a perfectionist who loves to take a good photo and make it come alive with her color editing, married to Stipi.

an extroverted nature lover who loves to go on long hikes and capture the love between couples on a mountain top - loves to capture a fun wedding party.

an extroverted introvert who loves to be the third wheel and capture the stories in front of his camera - his favorite weddings are tiny weddings with less than 30 guests somewhere meaningful for the couple.

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You want you to have the space to enjoy and have time together

The wedding day often happens like a blink of an eye. We want to give to the space to for you to enjoy each other and let it sink in that beautiful commitment you give each other that day. The photoshoot is not just another post to check of that day, it's a time to breathe and relax just the two of you, with me as you third wheel.

You love to let originality and personality to shine through

You don't want a complete stranger in your wedding

To be invited in to your most personal day with your few closest makes us we feel very humble and we always make sure that we don't feel like a stranger on your wedding day, but a friend you can trust and have a great time with. Whatever you need help with in the planning process we'll give you all our tricks and tips.

We love unique and personal intimate weddings. Our favorite weddings has been held in grandma’s garden, outside a family's cabin and a closed down warehouse. We love when our couples find new places for their weddings and when it’s a part of their story!

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